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Welcome to the online presence of Mint Hill Baptist Church.  You can learn here about events and activities in which you can be involved.  If you are a church member, hopefully this will assist you in becoming a more devoted disciple of Jesus.  If you are a guest, you are invited to involve yourself in all of the activities that are appealing to you.  Mint Hill Baptist's are committed to living in obedience to Jesus, and to teaching others how to obey Christ. Interact with all the pages of our website and find ways that we can serve you in Jesus name.


Walk with the Cross


Please join with Mint Hill Baptist Church at 12:00 noon on Friday, April 18th to carry the cross through Mint Hill as a visual testimony of what Christ has done for us. This will be the tenth consecutive year in which Christians of multiple denominations have recalled Jesus carrying the cross. The testimony to those who drive by during the walk stirs them emotionally and spiritually. Those who walk with the cross are humbled, remembering the limitless love Jesus has for them.


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